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Cancelling work in flight

When pushing work at an Actor, there are many times when it might not even get started before the guy that asked for it completely loses interest. How do you make sure that you don't start work needlessly?

Using Actors as Throwaway State

There are times when you need to assemble a bunch of work, or gather a bunch of state before moving things on to "the next stage". Since things can fail, you might need to restart or give up. How do you handle the information that's not-yet-complete? Throw Actors away!

AWS Lambda is Insane!

Ah, the life of an AWS DevOps employee is a pain in the ass... but Lambda just made it a whole lot more awesome.

A Sequential Execution Context

Scala's `ExecutionContext` is a much more powerful abstraction than you might think. This post covers how to use it to ensure sequential execution of work without muddying up your code whatsoever.

Iconifying the Scala Filetype on Mac

Want to add some Scala icon bling to everything on your Mac? Here's how you do it.