Next Vim Video is in the works... technical difficulties

Posted by Derek Wyatt on September 28, 2009

I’ve been trying to put together the next Vim video most of the day. It’s actually going to be the prequel video that introduces Vim. To do it, I’ve dusted off my copy of BoinxTV that I got from the last Macheist and, while a very cool app, it’s causing me some issues that I’m trying to get worked out with the Boinx guys. Hopefully it will be solved soon so that I can get back to publishing these things. I’ve had a very busy month that made it very difficult to do anything but work, travel and take care of my adorable little two year old :). I got to clean up strawberry juice out of the carpet today and of course, the poop - oh the poop…

So this video will attempt to truly introduce Vim and give a springboard to the novice videos. Once that’s in the can I’ll move on to continue where we left off by describing how to install plugins and work with file types. We need to start looking at Vim’s extensibility through plugins and so I need to lay some foundation for that.