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Posted by Derek Wyatt on March 16, 2012

A little while ago, I gave up on Zsh. There were a number of people that showed me how I could have fixed up Zsh so it would suck less, but I just didn’t have time. Well, I found myself with some time yesterday that couldn’t be spent doing much useful, so I made the switch.

It now feels like Bash but a little bit better, so I’m pretty happy. Thanks to @datanoise, and others for the tips.

Here’s what I did to make it useful:

  • unsetopt nomatch: I have no idea why this defaults to “on”. It’s useful about %0.00001 of the time and a pain in the bloody ass the other %99.99999 of the time.
  • Use bindkey -v instead of the vi-mode plugin: This is also odd. Most of what is needed (the prompt stuff) is pointless eye-candy and the zle reset-prompt is just an awful feature. You hit ESC-\ and it deletes the line above… which a lot of the time, carried data that you really wanted to read.
  • Ported my directory stacking stuff to Zsh (just barely :D). I can’t leave this feature behind… without it, running around the filesystem is a major drag.

My config can be found on GitHub if you’re interested in having a look.