The EigenHarp - Holy Friggin' Hell!

Posted by Derek Wyatt on October 17, 2009
The EigenHarp MIDI controller is just the coolest thing.

I just happened to see this story at engadget and dug a little deeper to find the EigenHarp at EigenLabs. This is possibly the coolest friggin’ MIDI Controller (almost) on the market today. It’s ridiculously expensive - way out of my price range at close to $7k (it is just a controller after all - you still gotta have a computer and some soft synths, I believe) but that doesn’t diminish it’s complete and utter coolness!

I play an EWI 4000s which is a wicked cool super powerhouse MIDI Controller, but compred to the EigenHarp it looks like it was invented over 20 years ago (which it was :D). The EigenHarp is like some sort of psychedelic Bassoon with its LEDs, tons of keys, and insane levels of control - well, it’s just a beast of a controller.

I can’t wait to see what happens with this thing over the next few years.