Vim, Scala and cody things...

Cleaning up Disk Space on your Mac

How to use the terminal to find out where your disk space is going and how to clean it up

Getting the value of the character under the cursor

Getting the ascii / hex code of the character under the cursor in Vim is harder than I thought...

Netflix Spoilers!

Oh, Netflix... you spoiled my movie!

Cancelling work in flight

When pushing work at an Actor, there are many times when it might not even get started before the guy that asked for it completely loses interest. How do you make sure that you don't start work needlessly?

Using Actors as Throwaway State

There are times when you need to assemble a bunch of work, or gather a bunch of state before moving things on to "the next stage". Since things can fail, you might need to restart or give up. How do you handle the information that's not-yet-complete? Throw Actors away!