Vim, Scala and cody things...

Benchmarking Spray Json vs. Argonaut

Spray's Json parser vs. Argonaut's in a head-to-head battle to the death.

Scala Method Overloading and Default Argument Values

Using the magnet pattern to get around a limitation with Scala's overloading implementation.

Using Scala Implicits to Implement a Messaging Protocol

This is a pretty neat use of Scala's implicits to pimp Akka's messaging system in order to add a lot of meta-protocol information about who's sending what, to whom they're sending it, and adding some more information along the way.

Moving from WordPress to Github Pages

How I moved from WordPress to Github Pages, along with Jekyll and all the good stuff.

Coding Scala with Vim

A video on how I code Scala with Vim, along with a lot of explanation as to how it gets done.